A campaign for Too Good To Go , a leading app-based brand who are fighting to reduce food waste – a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions across the globe. They are a Certified B Corporation with an enormous 8.6 million users who are finding and saving delicious food and partnering with over 19,000 businesses to reduce their food waste.

The premise of ‘saving delicious food’ became our idea for the campaign – we wanted to bring this to life and have some fun with it.

The campaign featured three perilous scenarios where food was about to meet its untimely end – with a call to action for the audience to step in and save the day (or meal)!

Aimed at Londoners, the objective of the campaign was to increase the number of meals saved from going to waste, as well as growing brand awareness. We wanted to empower the audience, creating a feel-good factor by saving meals and at the same time, a sense of discovery by finding new, delicious food locally.

Building on the existing brand and guidelines, we were able to evolve the brand by featuring food photography in a new way.

The campaign featured across 2,200 tube ads on the London Underground, Timeout, The Metro and was brought to life on social media by animating all three scenarios into one, playful story with music and sound effects.

“It was a true delight working with Evoke. Tom really listened to the brief, coming up with original, creative and on-brand concepts. He was super responsive and it felt overall like he was one of the team, rather than working with an external agency. Thank you!”
Georgina Preston
Head of Marketing,
Too Good To Go