A new brand identity, including naming and website for Lightpoint: a cutting-edge, online, business to business platform, built with a unique and powerful artificial intelligence that understands human language. Based in New York and London, by leading tech-based law firm, Zeidler Group.

Lightpoint is a cutting-edge information exchange platform designed to aid the counterparty due diligence process for asset managers. It will help clients in multiple industries to know their customer, establish mutual trust and gain transparency. The platform needed a name and brand identity to reflect this unique offering and bring it to the forefront of the market on launch.

In establishing the strategic approach for the brand, came the idea of light, clarity and transparency, which inspired the name and identity.

The name ‘Lightpoint’ suggests a ‘focused light’, metaphorically ‘shining a bright light’, highlighting, illuminating and revealing the facts, while feeling ‘to the point’ and ‘pointing to the facts’. The platform can effectively ‘light the way’, creating a clear path forward for the parties involved.

This highlighting, illuminating and transparency inspired the colour palette, which centres around prisms of light. A combination of static and moving colour gradients bring this to life across digital, with an eye-catching holographic foil and metallic paint for offline use.

A contemporary, digitally optimised typeface was chosen to work across all communications in simple black or white to compliment the colour gradients.

We created a brand symbol using a combination of an abstracted ‘L’ and a beam of light. This was brought to life in both 2D and a glass-like, prismatic, animated 3D version, once more reflecting the principles of transparency, and the sharp, intelligent, cutting-edge platform. The symbol is also used graphically in backgrounds where it’s cropped to create interesting and precise angles reflecting a beam of light.

The website was designed with easily changeable modules and both ambient, moving colour gradients and animated iconography that respond to cursor movement and user interaction. A holding page was created for the launch of the brand with the full website in development: all will be revealed. By creating a unique name in Lightpoint, it meant we were able to obtain a domain that was short, consistent and even included a link to the artificial intelligence USP of the platform, ‘lightpoint.ai’.

A full set of brand guidelines includes tone of voice and messaging – with light and precision-based language ‘Light the way’ and ‘Illuminating the facts’ – plus relevant, in the media, subjects that Lightpoint will be used to tackle and reveal: ‘Hiding a super yacht is so 2021’.

A full package of branded items were delivered for the event launch of Lightpoint in Munich, which included an explainer video with 3D animated logo, voiceover and sound design, a holding webpage, presentation material, holographic foiled business cards and metallic screen printed, organic tote bags.

The results of the project are a bold, sharp and precise identity that visually reflects the intelligence behind the Lightpoint platform, with a clear personality driving the tone of voice and messaging consistently across all communications, reflecting the purpose of the brand.

“We have worked with Tom for many years now. He is a great designer with incredible creativity and style. Tom always takes the time to listen to our ideas and thoughts. We have received numerous positive comments on our website, posts, overall branding, design, etc., which was created by him. Working with Tom and Evoke has helped us win many new clients. I would not hesitate at all to recommend Tom and Evoke.”
DR. Arne Zeidler
CEO & Founder, Lightpoint