A brand identity for Lagom, the health and lifestyle imprint of Bonnier Books UK . The imprint has existed for several years but it was time to start a new chapter by repositioning it and refreshing the brand identity to drive it forward.

A Swedish and Norwegian word, Lagom means ‘just the right amount’ but can also be translated as ‘in moderation’, ‘in balance’ and ‘perfect-simple’. This informs their tagline: ‘books for a balanced life’.

Lagom are passionate about books that provide fresh perspectives on physical and mental wellbeing and offer practical tools to benefit readers’ health, lifestyle and mindset – which is exactly what they offer their largely female audience who value expertise and authenticity.

Lagom describe themselves as positive and open, so we wanted a creative solution to reflect this and the simplicity the brand portrays. Inspired by the feeling of beginning a new book or chapter, the ‘L’ was designed as an open book to form the logo. The colours suggest calm and positivity – with a typeface that’s clean, contemporary and light in weight.

In the press
The Bookseller 

“We worked with Tom and Evoke on the rebrand of our Lagom health and lifestyle imprint at Bonnier Books UK. Tom was a pleasure to work with and highly professional. He ensured the process ran smoothly, from initial brief to amendments through to the final design, and took all our feedback on board. We are thrilled with our imprint’s new look and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tom and Evoke.”
Michelle Signore​
Editorial Director, Lagom