A brand identity for the MS Society’s new online and offline experience called ‘For you’ – replacing the membership for the charity’s MS community.

‘For you’ enables users to control what they see, to match their interests, such as news, tips, stories, latest research, ways to manage MS and also create their own page on the website. There’s a community forum, local events and services finder plus the option to subscribe to the MS Matters magazine.

The MS Society needed a creative solution that would be scalable. One that could be light touch or dialled up where required, with visual signposts for a seamless experience while navigating online.

The audience includes existing members, people with MS, their friends, families and carers. Everyone’s MS is different and everyone has different lived experiences of MS. This is why it was essential the brand identity could be flexible and scale to meet the needs of this diverse community, tonally and visually.

The ambition for this project was to create an online community who feel they can manage their condition and change the world they live in for the better.

We came up with the name, ‘For you’, because that’s exactly what the offer is. Not only that, the short, descriptive name meant we could create a tone of voice around it that integrates the name into natural language and conversation. This way we can explain the benefits of the service at the same time as offering it to the audience. ‘For you’ could be used to speak on a personal, one-to-one level but also be used more broadly to connect with the MS community – it’s ‘For you’ and for everyone.

The solution features the MS Society triangle and brings it to life by reflecting the messages where we describe the offer as being ‘for you’. Therefore the triangle is shown being offered to people. This helps create a more personalised, welcoming, accessible experience where people can feel that little bit more at home. The triangle can be used as a prop or interactive element, a window or background to hold content or as an icon to signpost the new experience online.

The illustration style integrates with warm, inclusive and down to earth messaging and photography – which means we’re able to communicate different messages and stories to different people at different points of the experience, representing the diversity of the MS community.

The ‘For you’ brand toolkit includes a brand book, website banners and forms, a social media video storyboard, Instagram stories, a magazine article for MS Matters, email and letter templates, illustrative iconography, plus other assets for online and offline use.

“Evoke were the perfect agency for us. Tom took a collaborative approach that suited our ways of working and quickly understood the complexities of the project. He threw himself into tackling a difficult brief and presented brilliant creative solutions that stretched and challenged our thinking. All of them gave us valuable insight in testing and his analysis, iterations and final product have led us to strong creative for a flagship new product. He was also a dab hand in getting stakeholders on board through clear and thorough presentations.”
Chris Parker
Creative Lead, MS Society