A new brand identity for Heligo Books, a new business and smart-thinking imprint of Bonnier Books UK .

Heligo wanted a strong and energetic visual identity with which to announce themselves as an exciting and original major new player in publishing. Heligo create excitement, they surprise, they emphasise the intelligent and are the go-to publisher for breaking new voices who have something authoritative and different to say about the world of work and ideas.

Heligo needed to appeal to both trade and consumers – with a wide appeal for curious young readers, established business leaders and everyone in-between.

The brand name had been carefully considered by the client with reference to a place for those wishing to expand their horizons, Heligoland. They were keen however for the brand to stand out on its own, without any backstory and avoiding any references to travel, including a play on the word ‘go’ – with the challenge of still exuding the extra energy that the ‘go’ at the end of the brand name brings.

To reflect the ambition of the imprint, the identity idea was designed to have impact, feel exciting, surprising and bold. The words ’emphasise the intelligent’ and ‘authoritative’ inspired our creative solution for the brand identity. We transformed the name ‘Heligo’ into an exclamation mark, which also reflects the inspiration and surprise of the brand, providing a bold announcement into the industry. A condensed, heavyweight typeface gives the logotype strength and is completed with the satisfyingly positioned ‘O’ that becomes the dot of the exclamation mark.

The colours were chosen to appeal to the audience and have a level of sophistication to them. We fined tuned the key message from the brief so it could be used as a headline or tagline for Heligo, while also directly promoting themselves to their target audience – ‘For curious readers and business leaders’.

In the press
The Bookseller

“Tom designed our logo for Heligo Books and I couldn’t be happier with the process and with the final result. Based on my brief and discussions Tom came back with an array of bold, creative, unique routes, all of which perfectly communicated our vision, and skilfully refined our chosen route to produce a terrific final product. Tom is an outstanding, thoughtful, and responsive creative and it was a pleasure to work with him.”
Rikhi Ubhi
Editorial Director, Bonnier Books UK