A new brand identity for Wild Coast Sussex, part of the Sussex Wildlife Trust . An innovative project to ensure the beauty and importance of the Sussex coastal ecosystem is recognised, inspiring local communities to address the issues of plastic waste and coastal health through a wide range of activities.

The audience is quite broad and whilst it is important that the wider public is engaged, target audiences consist of 16-25 year olds (the key focus), primary schools, commercial fisherman, existing and new volunteers.

What’s amazing about the Sussex coastline is how surprising and diverse the variety of marine life really is. From seaweeds to seahorses, sharks to rays, cuttlefish to jellyfish and a whole sky of birds. There’s so much to explore and find if you take a closer look, which is exactly what inspired the idea of ‘discovery’ for the new brand.

To appeal to the audience, the identity was designed to catch their eye and stand out, by not only being different in this sector but by generating intrigue about the broad diversity of life on this coastline. The brand features different species from land, sea and air.

We wanted the typography to be clear and bold to work with the brand idea of ‘discovery’ and the marine life it features. Using our critters, we created a habitat of sorts by customising the negative space of the typeface to ensure all communications would not only be engaging, but the curiosity of the brand idea would run through everything. The result is simple to apply, easy to read from a distance and bold so it can work over imagery and other backgrounds.

The idea behind the bright turquoise was to represent the ocean and sky in a contemporary way. The black added a strong contrast and means the colours can work equally well when reversed. We wanted the colours to stand out, grab attention from afar and be remembered. We liked how the brand could be applied quite low-fi, such as printing one colour (black) on to bright turquoise paper for things like posters and flyers.

The ‘Go Explore’ guide , printed sustainably, was the first application of the new identity and designed to be distinct and stand out. The guide was an opportunity to showcase all the curious elements of the brand, integrated with the charity’s photography, bringing to life exciting ways to discover the local coast and how to get involved.

A looping animation of the logo further brings to life the joy of discovery as the critters pop in and out of their hiding places, creating a feeling of spotting something new each time.

Marine Conservation Society (MCS)
Sussex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA)
SEA LIFE Brighton

In the press
Design Week 

“We worked with Evoke to design our project brand and logo from scratch and since then to design a booklet and various other pieces. Tom is such a pleasure to work with. He took time to understand our project, what is important to us and to talk us through his thinking at each stage. We all absolutely love the final product – it has really helped to bring our project to life. We feel very lucky to have found Tom and look forward to working with him more in the future. We highly recommend Evoke!”
Nikki Hills
Wild Coast Sussex Project Manager,
Sussex Wildlife Trust