A new brand identity for Black & White, the flagship commercial imprint of the Black & White Publishing Group, part of Bonnier Books UK .

Black & White publishing covers a wide range of publishing areas and target audiences and age ranges – from narrative non-fiction, lifestyle and self-help and cookery to women’s fiction and children’s. Black & White needed a new identity that works for general trade publishing and reflects their ambitions to become a destination publisher, well known and recognised within the industry and by consumers.

The new brand identity needed to be modern, bold, commercial, classy, fresh and memorable, and to have mass appeal. It needed to convey the imprint’s trustworthy heritage and expertise as well as their new ambition, energy, confidence and innovation. And as always, the Bonnier Books core values.

Practically, the new design needed to work in short form on a variety of book spines and have a long form lock-up suitable for other applications.

We created a bold and iconic solution that is ‘black and white’ pure and simple. Inspired by the combining of the original Scottish publishing house, alongside its new London team, the new logo has a nod to the brand’s history. The new design is clear, open and straightforward, reflecting the brand itself. The typeface was carefully considered to compliment the clear cut and contemporary geometric shapes.

The colour palette was inspired by the name and could be none other than black and white. The brand can however draw from the colour and tone of content, allowing it to work flexibly when used in communications promoting a variety of books.

The simple, circular shapes are used to create engaging social media posts and communications, using break outs and book specific imagery to bring content to life.

The logo can be animated in a simple, memorable and joyful way, almost like switching on a light. Immersive imagery, featuring the shapes within photography and motion further brings it to life with texture, depth, warmth and confidence.

In the press
The Bookseller

“I’ve worked with Tom / Evoke on two rebrand projects in the last year, both of which required a fresh and contemporary look without losing their connection to the original brand. Tom’s approach is so collaborative – he engages well with the team from the early briefing stage and dedicates time to understand the brand’s history and context, meaning his concepts are incredibly well thought out, as well as being beautifully and creatively designed. Throughout the process Tom gives us space to challenge and test his designs ensuring that everyone has full confidence in the final output. We’ve had such a positive reaction, both internally and externally, to our new branding so I’d highly recommend working with Evoke.”
Lucy Dundas
Brand and Communications Director, Bonnier Books UK