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We’re a creative agency designed for brands

With a big agency background and small agency spirit, Evoke exists to deliver both brand thinking and brand design to the highest level and engage on any platform

We’re here to work with businesses of all sizes and sectors, from start-ups to global giants. Our work starts with you and your needs

What we do

  1. Brand thinking +
    The strategic part: We ask questions to understand your business and then find that silver bullet
  2. Brand identity +
    We create and refresh brands, from tweaks to transformations, we help reflect your personality and tell your story, starting with an idea
  3. Digital +
    We understand how a brand should live in a digital space. We design for websites, apps and social media
  4. Motion +
    We love to bring brands to life, whether it's animation or video, making your brand move brings an even deeper experience to your audience
  5. Infographics +
    Complicated information made simple, exciting, on-brand and moving/interactive on digital platforms
  6. Iconography +
    Clear and smart sign-posting for your brand or website. Small interactions or animations help add to the brand experience
  7. Environments +
    Wayfinding, exhibitions, office graphics and messaging, we love putting brands in amongst people and different spaces to attract attention
  8. Internal comms +
    From desk drops and intranets to internal brands or initiatives, we understand the importance of communicating to your team
  9. Naming +
    For new or established businesses, we help discover names that feel just right for you and stand apart from your competitors
  10. Tone of voice +
    How your brand speaks is an essential part of a brand. We create a language and help you weave it into the fabric of your business


Evoke was founded by Creative Director, Tom Leach

His passion for ideas has brought brands to life across all things moving, static, indoor and outdoor. He has over 15 years experience in some of London’s leading brand agencies including The Partners (now Superunion) and Imagination. He’s proud to have worked with some of the best people and brands on the planet



British Airways
Discovery Channel
FX Channel
Jaguar Land Rover
Mandarin Oriental
Sam Taylor-Johnson

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